Myths About Men’s Bracelets

Change scares the hell out of people, especially for people who have no idea what they’re talking about. So, you’ve probably heard the exceptionally ignorant comment, “If you wear jewelry for men, you must be weird, eccentric or in a band”. Maybe this deterred you from wearing accessories for men, but the good news is that you’re here reading this, which is an excellent start.
There’s no denying that there are fashion accessories for men that are geared towards different demographics – just like there is for everything in this world. So of course, you’ll find a musician wearing a bracelet, but this doesn’t mean anything.
In fact, the trend of men’s bracelets is more about sophisticated, dapper styles than it is about relaxed, rock-and-roll ones. So for the men wondering if they should accessories, or what kinds of men wear bracelets, this one’s for you!

Okay, pause. This entire myth about bracelets for men assumes that all men are rough, blue-collar workers, and that they apparently don’t do anything other than work.
Sure, bracelets for men aren’t necessarily practical during the day for men working hard, but the same can be said about wedding rings and that doesn’t stop men from putting a ring on it. That’s also not to mention that this common misconception has completely ignored the fact that there’s more to life than just work. Men can wear bracelets after work, to the pub, on a date with their lovely partner or wherever they feel like it.
Then, what about the men who are ruling the corporate world? A monkey suit can get tiring, and they deserve to have accessories to showcase their unique sense of sophisticated style as well. So in other words, myth debunked.

Anyone who believes this myth about bracelets for men has never actually looked at a collection of bracelets for men. Believe it or not, but some of the most masculine pieces of fashion can be found in the accessory section – and they’re far from being feminine or sparkly.
There are some bracelets for men that have embellishments, but they’re strategically designed to keep the masculinity prominent.
Now, if you’re not the kind of man that likes flashy jewelry, there are plenty of masculine bracelets that have absolutely zero sparkle and shine as well. It really comes down to one thing, "to each their own". 

Another common misconception is that men aren’t focused on their style. Some say that instead of looking for quality fashions, men focus on durability and practicality – nothing that has personality.
This isn’t true. Take a trip to New York, Miami or any major city and you’ll quickly see that there are two kinds of men; mediocre men and men who like to dress nicely.
While there are men who don’t care about what they wear, the same can be said about women. Everyone is different, and not everyone likes to wear jewelry, but on the same hand (no pun intended), there are people, both male and female, who like to use accessories to create their fashion masterpiece – and no, this doesn’t mean they’re weird, eccentric or in a band.
It’s time to stop believing what you hear about accessories for men from men who don’t like accessories. You probably wouldn’t take advice about what television show to watch from someone who never watches television. So, be yourself and wear what you want. Bracelets for men can turn your entire wardrobe into a sophisticated, masculine and dapper masterpiece.
Shop from Angelor today, and you’ll quickly see that these myths about accessories for men have never been more inaccurate.


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