Men’s Bracelets For Simple And Sophisticated Look

Let's clear one thing up; by simple, we mean simple in style. You’re the kind of man who doesn’t want to spend hours on end standing in front of the mirror every morning. You just want to look good in an instant, and that, we can certainly provide with the stunning collection of bracelets for men on Angelor.

But how, you ask?
Well for starters, metal bracelets come in a variety of tones, designs and textures. So, finding the perfect one for your sense of style is effortless, which is always good if you’re not a fan of shopping. But if you’re still stuck, have no fear. Here’s an insider look at what metal bracelets for men will say about you.

Simple metal bracelets are one of the most upscale styles available for men’s bracelets. They're versatile and sexy, and look exceptionally well when paired with a suit and tie, but some styles are even perfect for a shirt and jeans. So rest assured, you can find your type of swag on Angelor.

Metal bracelets for men are intended to add some sophisticated style and swagger into your look, without going overboard. Gold bands are excellent for this, especially if you want to show off that you’ve put time, effort and money into your ensemble. So, if you’re the kind of man who likes to show off your appreciation for the finer things in life, add in a bold statement with a gold bracelet.

Silver band bracelets present the same image as the prior, only in a more subtle way. It’s no secret that gold is one of the finer materials in life, with silver coming in at a close second. As such, with a silver band bracelet, you’re displaying your sense of fashion without focusing too much on being the best. You’re the kind of man who likes what you like, and you’ll wear whatever fashion accessories appeal to you – and not what the industry tells you to wear.

The metal bracelets for men aren’t limited to bands either. One of the most dapper and sophisticated trends within the industry is actually far from solid bands of lavish materials. Instead, some of the best men’s accessories are all beaded. While you can wear a beaded bracelet made completely out of metal (holy heavy!), you can also enjoy a beaded bracelet that has a metal detail to get the best of both worlds. These bracelets for men offer a more relaxed appeal, with an added dose of edge. They’re sexier than they are sophisticated.

Similar to the prior, a huge trend for men’s bracelets are leather styles that have incorporated metal into them. Wrap leather bracelets are a growing trend for both men and women, and are starting to really take off this season. So, you can be a step ahead of the game this season just by jumping on this trend before it becomes a bandwagon. The unique thing about leather metal bracelets is that they’re very personable. You can choose the type and tone of leather that appeals to you, and the metal symbol that represents your sense of style. With this combination, you get a sophisticated and fun style that can be worn straight from the boardroom to the bar for guy’s night. They’re prefect.

As a rule of thumb, always pair your wrist accessories with your cufflinks. If you’re wearing gold cufflinks, your bracelet should also be gold, or at the very least, have a gold tone or bead or symbol in it. And that’s really the basics to donning a dapper look in a subtle, sexy way!
So, if you’re ready to take your ensemble to the next level, shop the new collections of bracelets for men on Angelor today.


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