6 Irresistible Men’s Bracelets

Take a look at our collection of dapper accessories for men and you'll be hooked. You might run into
one small problem though – finding what men’s bracelets you should actually get. After all, the men’s styles are to die for and it can be hard narrowing in on the next additions to your wardrobe.  So, we’ve taken a look at what our customers can’t get enough of to help you decide what men’s bracelets to get.

Only in New York can you find style like this. These bracelets for men are highly sought after for their sophisticated yet simple appeal, as they can be thrown into any wardrobe. For the men who have no idea where to start when it comes to men’s accessories, and for the guys who have the dapper look down pat, this is the perfect piece.
The New York bracelets for men are crafted with semi-precious stones and a steel clasp. You can get them in white howlite (popular men’s fashion trend), matte agate, yellows tiger eye and red tigers eye. Each gives off a different appeal so definitely check them out.

The Eye bracelets for men are one of our top sellers – and for obvious reasons. This 18kt gold plated bracelet is the epitome of the dapper craftsmanship you can only find in New York.
This bracelet is available in rose gold (one of the top men’s fashion trend), white gold, yellow gold, and rhodium. So, you can find the perfect piece for whatever appeal you’re going for.

Out of all the exotic bracelets available on Angelor, Leather bracelets seem to be the one you guys can’t get enough of. This bracelet for men is crafted with genuine stingray leather with accents of stainless silver, showcasing a hefty dose of sophisticated and quality. It is easy to wear alone or layered with other men’s accessories.

For the men who are in need of simple yet statement pieces of dapper accessories, the black bracelets are where it’s at. The matte, lava and glossy black beads made these bracelets for men exceptionally easy to throw into any outfit, whether it’s jeans and a tee or sophisticated business attire.
Crafted with high-quality semi precious beads for a luxurious appeal, this bracelet is a statement.

Back to the men’s accessories that are louder than the rest, the Drill are one of our best sellers. The three 8kt gold plated zircon disco balls add dimension into your wrist fashion and look excellent when paired with other men’s bracelets and a wrist watch. However, it can also be worn alone as a standout piece of fashion.
This bracelet comes in rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and rhodium to ensure you can find the gold plated beads that suit your style.

One hell of a dapper men’s bracelet is the Prince and it has a whole lot to offer. Combine everything you love about the previous bracelets for men, and you get this one. Crafted with 18kt gold zircon disco ball, 18kt gold plated stopper, and either red tigers eye or yellow tigers eye, this men’s bracelet has sophistication written all over it.
The overall appeal is a humble, masculine style for the man who knows how to dress.
Get your hands on these top men’s accessories before it’s too late. It’s about time you went from dude to dapper with the Angelor’s collection.


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